Which factor could be a contributor to birth defects? Group of answer choices

All are correct

Mother drinks or uses drugs

Mother is overweight

Mother is underweight


Answer 1
All are correct.
Eating habits are very important when you’re pregnant, no eating too much or not eating enough will affect the baby.
Drinking and doing drugs can also hurts the baby mentally, and sometimes physically.

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What is cytokinins??​



Cytokinin, any of a number of plant hormones that influence growth and the stimulation of cell division. Cytokinins are synthesized in the roots and are usually derived from adenine. They move upward in the xylem (woody tissue) and pass into the leaves and fruits, where they are required for normal growth and cell differentiation.

The three factors that influence a Tobacco users risk of developing cancer are


Tobacco use is a leading cause of cancer and of death from cancer. People who use tobacco products or who are regularly around environmental tobacco smoke (also called secondhand smoke) have an increased risk of cancer because tobacco products and secondhand smoke have many chemicals that damage DNA.

Tobacco use causes many types of cancer, including cancer of the lung, larynx (voice box), mouth, esophagus, throat, bladder, kidney, liver, stomach, pancreas, colon and rectum, and cervix, as well as acute myeloid leukemia. People who use smokeless tobacco (snuff or chewing tobacco) have increased risks of cancers of the mouth, esophagus, and pancreas.

There is no safe level of tobacco use. People who use any type of tobacco product are strongly urged to quit. People who quit smoking, regardless of their age, have substantial gains in life expectancy compared with those who continue to smoke. Also, quitting smoking at the time of a cancer diagnosis reduces the risk of death.

What is one benefit to measuring your body's flexibility? A. meeting the national requirement for flexibility
OB. determining your muscular strength
tracking your flexibility improvements over time
OD. increasing the length of your life





It's an Important value to know the limits of your flexibility so you know which holes you can fit through and come out of and to be able to reach and lift things without hurting yourself

answer is C. tracking your flexibility improvements over time

got 100% on the test :)

During which of the five steps of the decision-making process should you ask yourself these questions? -How could I solve the problem?

-What are my choices?

-Who can I trust and talk to for help and guidance?
Question 7 options:

Identify the decision to be made

Choose the best option and take action

List your options

Evaluate the decision



is it safe , can it be done without any risk

Isabella is excited about her upcoming fourth birthday. She has begged her mother to buy a “ big birthday cake” that she can take to school on Thursday and share it with her preschool classmates during the afternoon snack. Isabella also wants her mother to buy party hats, noisemakers, birthday napkins, and small trinkets for the children to take home “ just like the other kids brought.” Isabella is the third child in her classroom who will celebrate a birthday this week. Her teachers know how important these occasions are for the children but have concerns about the amount of unhealthy, sugary food that is involved and the added expense for families. The teachers also understand that parents don’t want to disappoint their children and may feel pressured to provide a special cake and all of the ancillaries (e.g., hats, noisemakers, trinkets) that others have brought.
1. What healthy alternative foods could parents be encouraged to bring in place of birthday cake?
2. Is it the cake or attention that makes a birthday celebration special from a child’s perspective?
3. Suggest and describe at least four alternative ways ( that don’t involve food) children’s birthdays that could be celebrated at school.
4. What policy could be put into place to avoid the issue of “ too many” parties?


1. The parents could try a healthy carrot cake

2. Well it depends how old the child is. If he or she is 4 or under than yes but above that age its the friends and the activities that they do.

3. Fun party games where everybody is included, Or If the child has a device then let the child have some electronic time or if he or she wants to just relax then let them relax.

4. there aren't any policies just make sure there are only parties when celebrating something.

1. Instead of cake, parents could be encouraged to bring something sweet but less unhealthy, like popsicles, or maybe a pancake breakfast to celebrate. This way, kids are coming in ready to eat and not consuming too many extra calories.

2. Arguably, I believe it’s the attention a child values more than the cake, especially in primary school. To have the whole class sing happy birthday to you then is something special.

3. Other alternatives to cake are: a piñata filled with little prizes, movie parties, tie dying shirts, or a game day!

4. All birthdays for the month could be compiled into one special day.

Which is a quality of a health goal that you may set for yourself? Question 6 options:

It can be accurately measured

If offers immediate rewards

It relates to all aspects of health

It relates to physical health



The correct answer is: It relates to all aspects of health.

I hope will you like it

In order to show a speaker that you are actively listening to him/her, you should: Question 5 options:

Face the speaker and make eye contact

Use verbal and nonverbal communication

Restate the speaker's message

All of the above


D. All of the above.

order to show a speaker that you are actively listening to him/her, you should:

Question 5 options:

Face the speaker and make eye contact

Making a plan to exercise more and lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks is an example of a long term goal. Question 4 options:


False. A long term goal would be a bit more pounds and a lot more than two weeks, like maybe three - four months

Which of these listed below is an external influence? Question 3 options:






Lifestyle I believe

A person who fails to follow professional ethics could face all of the following consequences Except being fired
losing a license or credential
a permanent record of the error
an increase in professional opportunities


D. an increase in professional opportunities. If you fail to follow professional ethics, you should not get a benefit out of it

The health department recently investigated an outbreak of food poisoning at a local school. Thirty children and several teachers reported that they experienced severe nausea, diarrhea, and a fever. The children were served a meal the day before that included tacos, tossed lettuce salad, watermelon cubes, and milk. Chris, a classroom teacher, was filling in temporarily for the cook who had called in sick. She explained to the public health authorities that she had forgotten to defrost the ground beef in the refrigerator the previous day, so she set it out on the counter to thaw overnight. When it was time to begin lunch preparations the next day, Chris explained that she had flattened the raw ground beef with her bare hands, because they were out of gloves, and then used a large butcher knife to divide the meat into patty-size portions. She used the same knife to chop the ingredients for a tossed lettuce and tomato salad. At that point, she was interrupted by a teacher who requested a mixing bowl for a classroom activity. When Chris resumed her food preparations, she picked up the same knife and began dicing a melon into cubes for the fruit salad on the same cutting board that she had chopped the lettuce.
1. Identify the points where food contamination was likely to have occurred.
2. Describe the correct procedures that Chris should have followed to prevent his illness.
3. Discuss the measures a school or program should have in place in the event of a cook’s absence.
4. As the classroom teacher, how will you ensure that the food you serve in your classroom is safe?


1. The person's hands, after touching the raw meat and not washing their hands; The knife, when they used the same knife to cut raw meat then proceeded to cut vegetables and fruit.

2. They could have washed their hands, the knife the counter and cutting board in between uses.

3. The school should provide specific instructions to the substitute. These will show how/when to wash the materials.

4. You would have to thoroughly wash all materials to ensure no food poisoning happens.

Life skills unit test thinking for yourself ANSWERS!!! 1. Jasper is trying to decide what to do about a friend who is spreading rumors about him. How should consult which source?
- the friend supposedly spreading rumors about him
2. Katie is trying to decide what part time job to take. She should consult which source?
- her schedule
3. Which phase describes noting the results of your decision?
- decide what you would do differently
4. A commercial depicts a teenager on a skateboard vandalizing a brick wall. This is an example of what?
- stereotype
5. A stockbroker “talks up” a piece of stock that he wants you to buy. This is an example of what?
- vested interest
6. Your friend recommends taking a particular class because they liked the teacher this is an example of what?
- bias
7. New articles that only give one side of the story on a regular basis is an example of what?
- manipulation of information
8. Step “o” stands for
- developing a plan of action
9. Step “s” stands for
- identifying the problem
10. It is best to word a problem as “should I do this or that?
- false
11. Consequences can be both positive and negative
12. To determine whether a choice is right or wrong you might ask what would happen if everyone made decisions like this.
13. A doctor has a vested interest in giving you information about a product
14. Consequence- the result of your actions
Stereotype- typecast or label
Reputable- trustworthy, highly regarded, honest
Context- the details of a problem
Credentials- qualifications, formal certificates
Bias- when someone gives information based on their own experiences or opinions rather than fact


When trying to decide about something, it is always advisable to consult your parents. In this case, Jasper should consult his parents on trying to decide what to do about the friend who is spreading rumors about him.

What is the myth regarding animals?

The myth that the animals were fighting among themselves and starved to death was propagated by Frederick and Pilkington. When it became clear that was not taking place, they started spreading reports about cannibalism and torture on the farm.

In an endeavor to create an animal-friendly society, a group of farm animals rebels against their human farmer in this story.The owners of the neighboring farms, Pilkington and Mr. Frederick, worry that discontent may spread among their own livestock.

However, because of their animosity toward one another, they are unable to unite in opposition to Animal Farm. They did little more than disseminate tales about the farm's inefficiencies and immorality.

Therefore, When trying to decide about something, it is always advisable to consult your parents. In this case, Jasper should consult his parents on trying to decide what to do about the friend who is spreading rumors about him.

Learn more about Animal Farm on:



Step s is actually judging whether or not your choice is right and #13 is false.

A push-up and a vertical jump are examples of Anaerobic Exercises. True or false?


it is true because it measures power in the legs and arms.

list some benefits of avoiding drug abuse and barriers to avoiding drug abuse. Include at least two examples in each section, and be sure to include enough data to thoroughly explain them.


Answer: You will have a healthier mind set , You have a better chance at being successful, you will most likely think twice before doing something


Answer: You will have a healthier mind set , You have a better chance at being successful, you will most likely think twice before doing something


What disease can a civet cat cause​


Answer:Civets are mongoose-like animals found throughout Africa and Asia and only distantly related to the common house cat. Some species are ground-dwelling and omnivorous, although the Chinese species tied to the SARS virus, the masked palm civet, lives in trees and eat oranges, papayas and mangos.

Explanation:Other animals suspected of carrying the SARS virus and ordered slaughtered include raccoon dogs, a primitive canine with raccoon-like facial markings, and three types of badgers.

Explain the purpose of valves in the heart (tricuspid and mitral valves)?


Answer: Atrioventricular valves


These are the mitral and tricuspid valves, which are suit between the atria and the ventricles and prevent back flow from the ventricles into the atria during systole. The function of the subvalvular apparatus is to keep the valves from prolapsing into the atria when they close.

The tricuspid valve closes when the right ventricle is full and it keeps the blood from flowing backward into the right atrium when the ventricle contracts. Similarly when the left ventricle is full ,the mitral valve closes and keeps blood from flowing back into the left atrium then the ventricle contracts.

A goal for physical activity



Explanation:some of the goals are :

Exercise for 20 minutes

Do activities like skipping,running,jogging,swimming etc. that increase your stamina

Avoiding junk food

Increase the number of vitamins (vegetables and fruits)in your food

REMEMBER: do exercises that are comfortable for your body.consult a doctor if you want to.


Which of the following is a benefit of preventive care? Select all that apply. failing to identify risk factors
discussing options for a healthy life
performing genetic testing
getting disease screenings


I think b. and d. could be the answer

If I eat 637 pieces of chalk would I survive?​


Good question I believe not

List your 3 favorite games to play outside. Next to the game, indicate the next time you'll be able to play each game. For example: Soccer - will play a game on Saturday.
List your 3 favorite outdoor activities. Next to each one, tell the next time you'll be able to do this activity.
For example: Go swimming - too cold right now.
List your 3 favorite indoor activities. When you play inside, what things do you like to play with? Next to each item, list
when you'll get to play next.
For example: Legos - play today after school.



Volleyball- In the middle of school and busy with homework now, will be able to play on Saturday

Soccer-  On Friday I have time

Swimming - On Friday it will be the right temp and I will have enough time

Dance - after school, I have some classes

Draw- On Sunday I have time

Listen to music - tonight before I go to bed to wear myself out

Also...... Why are you asking these questions?

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