An effective informative speech shows listeners A. why they should change their attitude about the topic. B. something they didn't previously know. C. correct way to follow a procedure. D. why they should adopt a certain viewpoint.


Answer 1

The correct answer is letter B

When an effective speech is made, he will present things that the audience did not leave before or did not fully understand, and this is extremely important, it shows that the speaker did a good job and that the people there managed to learn something different.

Answer 2


Explanation: An informative speech can be said to be a session of speaking that intends to inform the audience about a process, event, or concept on a particular topic. They intend to educate the audience on things they didn't know previously.

They are usually interesting speeches and thereby helping the audience understand better about a topic and remember the topic afterwards. An example can be how to start up an agribusiness, how to plant a garden etc.

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If you find that the staff who work in your college's career center gave you poor advice or otherwise did not provide sufficient help in finding you employment after graduation, you may be dissatisfied with your entire college experience. This is an example of which issue associated with services



Trust issues

Explanation: this is total reliance on somebody or thing. When you trust someone, you believe what they say, you trust their judgement and predictions. When trust is broken, it may never be fixed. It makes one thinks all their previous beliefs are lies. Most times people shapes their future according to words spoken to them or words they have heard. It can even lead to depression and deep hurt if what you want did not happen the way you were told by the person you believe hold the answer.

On the following page, you will find an ad for energy efficient light bulbs. Above it, I provide some additional information. After reading this data, answer the following questions: a) Suppose you are the head of a purchasing department of a large publicly traded company. On average, your firm uses each light bulb for 750 hours a year. Would you buy the energy efficient light bulb WITHOUT the possibility of a mail-in rebate


Answer:Yes, affirmatively. A thorough study of the data has unveiled sufficient resources to align with the fact that without mail-in is possible.

Explanation: With proper analysis, a vast majority will subscribe to the ground of basic electrical points.

Jill is visiting her boyfriend's family in China. During a conversation, she points to him with her index finger, which his family doesn't seem to like. Later, her boyfriend explains that she should point with an open hand instead of using a finger. Why is this instruction needed



Gestures don't have universal meanings.


Gestures are interpreted differently across cultures. Some gestures could receive positive feedback in one culture while it receives negative feedback in another. In other cases, they could both receive positive feedback but the aims of the gestures could be different.

For instance, hand gestures are interpreted differently. In the United States, a "thumbs up" gesture receives a positive response and is seen as a subtle sign of praise or approval. In the middle east however, a "thumbs up" gesture is found offensive.

Another example is snapping the fingers. Snapping the fingers could have different meanings, one being that one just remembered a forgotten thought/fact. In other instances, it could be used to call for a person's attention. In the former, the gesture is perceived positively while in the latter instance, it could be considered a rude gesture as in the case of calling for a waiter's attention with a snap of fingers.

Although driven to see enough "raw" wilderness in remote Western spaces to last several lifetimes, Bob Marshall's effort to achieve this goal more fully was undone by the affliction of .... which resulted in his untimely passing at the age of 39. a) Tourette's Syndromeb) Diabetesc) Goutd) Pancreatitise) Leukemia





Bob Marshall was an American wilderness and forest activist and the one of the brains behind the establishment of Wilderness Society in 1935. He was also known for the fighting of the rights of Native Americans.

He was plagued with different illnesses such as Ulcer and Hepatitis. However in November 11,1939 at the age of 38 he died. The official cause of death was discovered to be myelogenous leukemia and heart failure.

The top cross section below shows earthquakes along the San Andreas fault before October 17, 1989 and the one on the bottom shows earthquakes along the same fault after that date. These two cross sections illustrate that



he Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities estimated after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake that the probability of a magnitude 7 earthquake in the next 30 years in the San Francisco Bay region was 67 percent


But this estimate is not precise because earthquakes do not occur "like clockwork", and because other factors not included in our simple model may be involved. So, while the most likely time for a 1906-like earthquake to strike again is perhaps late in the next century, there is a small chance (about 2 percent) that it could happen in the next 30 years

henry says that holding back his opinions at such a critical moment in the country's history would be akin to​


The correct answer cowardice

Explanation: Cowardice  is a fearful person; anyone who shows cowardice in the face of someone or a specific situation with which he was confronted: I will not abandon the boat now because I am not a coward. adjective Absence of bravery; that shows weakness, lack of courage.

In survey research, what is sampling? Correct

A. The collection of a representative sample of a larger population
B. The interviewing of a small number of key cultural consultants
C. Participant observation
D. The collection of life histories of every member in a community
E. The recording of the emic perspective


Answer: A. The collection of a representative sample of a larger population.


The sampling is a process of selecting the units or individuals from the interested population. This process ensures the quantity, and quality. This process ensures the estimation of the characteristics of the whole population. The sampling can also be done in a way that only desired individuals or items are selected this is called as the purposive sampling technique.

According to the given situation, the survey research requires the collection of the large sample size so as to ensure the representative samples of the entire population exhibiting the desired traits.

Answer: The collection of a representative sample of a larger population.

Explanation: sampling can be defined as the analysis of a group by determining the characteristics of a significant percentage of its members chosen at random.

The methodology used to sample from a larger population depends on the type of analysis being performed, but it may include simple random sampling or systematic sampling.

The media help propel a transnational culture of ________, as they spread information about products, services, rights, institutions, and lifestyles. (A) tolerance
(B) invention
(C) electronic communication
(D) conflict consumption


Complete Question Options:

(A) tolerance

(B) invention

(C) electronic communication

(D) conflict consumption

(E) Consumerism.


Explanation: Consumerism can be defined as a policy of protecting and informing consumers through honesty in advertising and packaging, improved safety standards etc It encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever increasing amounts.

The answer is "consumerism or conflict consumption".

Consumerism refers to a social and financial order and belief system that empowers the obtaining of merchandise and enterprises in regularly expanding sums. With the industrial revolution, however especially in the twentieth century, large scale manufacturing prompted a financial emergency: there was overproduction, the supply of products would develop past buyer request, thus makers swung to arranged out of date quality and publicizing to expand buyer spending.

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Which of the following statements is true regarding Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory? a. Social needs are lower-order needs.
b. Esteem" needs relate to affection and friendship.
c. Social" needs relate to autonomy and achievement.
d. Lower-order needs are satisfied internally.
e. Having a substantially satisfied need no longer motivates.


The correct answer is letter A

Maslow's theory is known as one of the most important theories of motivation. For him, the needs of human beings obey a hierarchy, that is, a scale of values ​​to be transposed. This means that the moment the individual realizes a need, another one appears in its place, always demanding that people look for ways to satisfy it. Few, if any, people seek personal recognition and status if their basic needs are unmet.

Maslow presented a theory of motivation, according to which human needs are organized and arranged in levels, in a hierarchy of importance and influence, at the base of which are the lowest needs (physiological or basic needs) and at the top, the highest needs (the needs for self-realization).

The _____ labor market includes low-paid, unskilled, insecure jobs, while the _____ labor market includes higher-paid, higher-benefit positions often in large, bureaucratic organizations or companies.



Primary, secondary.


A labor market functions in a demand and supply mechanism. It is a place where supply and demand for employment takes place between employers and workers. In a labor market, employers try to hire the best workers while the workers try to find the most profitable job. There are different markets for every different types of labor.

The two main types of market are the primary labor market and secondary labor market. A primary labor market includes mostly of low paid, unskilled, insecure, seasonal or contractual jobs. This kind of labor market mostly looks for wage-earners and other contractual workers.

A secondary labor market includes higher-paid, higher-benefit positions often in large, bureaucratic organizations or companies. It constitutes of permanent, secure and professional jobs and mostly hires professionals and skilled workers.

g: Distinguish between protected and unprotected conduct under the National Labor Relations Act. Choose the side of the employer or employee, and debate the protection afforded to the side you have chosen. What arguments could be made for the opposite side? Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.



Answer explained below


The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), or the Wagner Act was introduced to the Senate and passed in the Senate in 1935. The passing of this labour policy changed the national narrative regarding labour rights and policies. Workers were now federally protected to organize and bargain collectively through representatives they choose, who would have their best interest. The NLRA gave rise to unions which were instrumental in fighting for fair wages, safe working conditions and standard working hours for members in the union because prior to unions and the NLRA, workers were subjected to long hours, unsafe working conditions and low wages. However, the NLRA protects workers that are not members of a union. Specifically, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) protects employee rights to engage in “concerted activity”, which is when two or more employees act for their mutual aid or protection around the terms and conditions of employment.

With regards to protections under National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) freedom of speech can be challenging in the age of social media and clearly employers are attempting to place restrictions on how employees communicate about the working environment and how they feel about their employers.

Protected activities under NLRA include addressing improvement in pay with the company, employers discussing with one another safety concerns and other work-related issues including salary. Also speaking to the employer on behalf of co-workers. These protections do not include those employed by a federal, state or local city government, independent contractors and employees subject to the Railway Labor Act, which covers railroad and airline employees. I believe that employees were protected by the federal government to peacefully form or attempt to form a union, join a union and be represented by a union is fair because workers represented by ethical union representatives can bargain collectively because employers have immense power and resources at their disposable to fight legal suits from individuals. However, employers may incur expenses when attempting to meet the obligations of collective bargaining agreements, therefore, limit employment opportunities.

Listing each of the four categories in Riech’s skill enumeration, explain how the concept of perspectives might help you develop each of these skills.


Answer: The four categories in the Reich's skill include;

1. Abstract Reasoning

2. Systems Thinking

3. Collaboration

4. Experimentation Ability


The concept of Perspectives is the concept of a person's point of view. This concept explains that individuals have different ways they see things. Matters can be viewed using a Propositional approach (belief in something, admiration, or recollection of things ) or from one's Location and Access ( Vantage point ).

Development of the skills;

1. Abstract Reasoning - This implies the ability to see beyond the surface of matters or problems. It requires giving a deeper interpretation of the problems. I can develop this skill, using the perspective or point of view concept by having a positive view of challenges. I want to always believe that problems can be solved and maximizing resources within my reach, including my thinking abilities to solve them. I could start by recognizing patterns in events.

2. Systems Thinking - This is the ability to connect the dots and make meaning out of it. I can develop this skill by remembering how things are related and connecting them. I would also sharpen my ability to view things logically and intelligently.

3. Collaboration - This involves two or more people who work together to achieve a goal. I can develop this skill by keying into my belief that there is strength in unity. This would make me more open to involving others when trying to achieve a goal.

4. Experimentation Ability - This entails analyzing matters, proposing solutions, researching and drawing conclusions. I can develop this skill by drawing on my desire to know things. This desire would make me work hard at going through the processes of experimentation to arrive at a conclusion.

M2 Discussion - Research in Developing Countries What are the problems faced by researchers when they are conducting research in developing countries? What are some strategies that might be used to avoid such problems? Do different ethical standards apply - either in marketing or in research? Why or why not? As you develop your contributions to the discussion, be sure to include concrete examples and supporting evidence to help others understand your points.



The main difficulties are given as below:-


Inadequate training:- Most of the researchers or the individuals who are involved in research do not have adequate training which is important to perform the research. Most of the researchers just perform whatever they want to do rather than understanding the different steps involved in conducting the research.

Lack of trust:- Most of the business organization do not provide the required data to the researches as they have the apprehension of misuse of the data by these researchers.

Repeated researchers:- Due to the lack of a centralized database, a lot of researchers are performed on the same topic.

Inadequate interaction:- There is not sufficient interaction between the organization and researchers and thus the need identification is always in a question.

Inadequate code of conduct:- Developing countries do not have a well-established code of conduct for performing the researchers.

In order to avoid above stated issue, first of all, it is important to provide in-depth training to all the researchers about the research methodology and the different types of researches. The organizations and the researchers must create a strong bonding and association so that they can trust each other and understand the requirement of each other.

The ethical standards used in both the marketing and researchers are almost the same as the main objective of both the activities is to gain more information about the respondent or about a certain situation. Thus the standards and morals which have to be adopted remain on average same. In both cases, the first priority is always to maintain confidentiality and not to harm the interest of others directly or indirectly.

Every time you learn something, you are reshaping your living brain, a process known as brain osmosis. synaptic malleability. self-directed neuroplasticity. self-directed neural induction.


Answer: Self directed neuroplasticity.


Neuroplasticity is the adjustment in synapses and neural pathways that occurs as a result of certain factors, such as environment, behavior or neural processes. The brain strengthens the useful neural connections and deletes those that are not useful anymore.

Self-directed neuroplasticity was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz in his book which was titled “The Mind and The Brain". Schwartz stated that individuals have a vital role to play in how their brain works by deciding on where to focus one's attention and that a person's IQ genetically-predetermined. 

In ________, there must be two authorized individuals available to approve any sensitive activity. separation of duties double indemnity dual control two-person control


Two person control is the answer

A landowner conveyed his land by quitclaim deed to his daughter and son "as joint tenants in fee simple." The language of the deed was sufficient to create a common law joint tenancy with right of survivorship, which is unmodified by statute. The daughter then duly executed a will devising her interest in the land to a friend. Then the son duly executed a will devising his interest in the land to a cousin. The son died, and later the daughter died. Neither had ever married. The daughter’s friend and the cousin survived. After both wills have been duly probated, who owns what interest in the land? The cousin owns the fee simple. The daughter’s friend and the cousin own equal shares as joint tenants with right of survivorship. The daughter’s friend and the cousin own equal shares as tenants in common. The daughter’s friend owns the fee simple.


The daughter's friend owns the land in fee simple aka (Real Property Ownership). But what is real property ownership? Real property is a property attached directly to it and any type of subset of land that has gone through legal actions.

Using Aristotelian forms as your guide, translate into FOL short form (e.g., H for happy, R for running). Use the conventions already established. Only use one quantifier for each sentence. 1. All dogs are happy. 2. Some dog is happy. 3. Some dog is unhappy. 4. Any dog or cat is happy. 5. Some cat is happy or unhappy. 6. No dogs are happy. 7. All happy dogs are running. 8. Some happy dog is running. 9. No happy dog is running. 10. Not all dogs are happy.


Answer: 1. All dogs are happy - H.  2. Some dog is happy- H.

3.Some dog is unhappy -R 4. Any dog or cat is happy.- H 5.Some cat is happy or unhappy-R   6. No dogs are happy-R 7.  7. All happy dogs are running-H. 8. Some happy dog is running.-H 9. No happy dog is running-R.

10. Not all dogs are happy.-R

Explanation: The Above responses is to understand the mood dogs or other animals are as at the time of the day whether morning or  afternoon or night.


number 1


In survey research, the term ________ refers to the attributes that differ among members of a population. unknowns interviews variables questionnaires random samples


Answer: variables


A variable is either a qualitative or quantitative entity for example a number, age, sex, income, days, class grades, color, texture, shape and other. A variable can be changed or manipulated in an experiment to know its impact on the desired variable or the experimental variable.

A variable may vary among the members of the population for example height, weight, age, sex, intelligent quotient and other features. Such variation s can be useful in determination of the most prominent or least occurring traits in the survey research.

Group Communication Task-related Roles help a group achieve its goal, while group communication ___________ roles help manage relationships and affect group climate.





this was my mid-term question

Infants who are breast-fed grow up to have higher IQs than those who are bottle-fed; this suggests a(n) _______ influence on IQ. A) environmental B) genetic C) learned D) inherited


They have also shown how genes can affect academic success. However, it's not obvious whether the same genes that influence IQ also impact test results and grades. Thus, option B is correct.

What are the factor that influence IQ of infants?

The home environment and parenting, education and the accessibility of learning resources, as well as a child's health and nutrition, all have an impact on that child's intelligence during development.

Previous research has shown that IQ is strongly influenced by hereditary factors, and has even pinpointed particular genes that play a role.

The genetic and environmental factors that determine a child's intelligence quotient start to take effect during pregnancy (IQ).

Therefore, Infants who are breast-fed grow up to have higher IQs than those who are bottle-fed; this suggests a(n)  genetic factor influence on IQ.

Learn more about IQ here:



.....C..... I think....

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At December 31, balances in Manufacturing Overhead are Shimeca Company—debit $2,150, Garcia Company—credit $997. Prepare the adjusting entry for each company at December 31, assuming the adjustment is made to cost of goods sold. Novartis created the Novartis Research Institute for Tropical Diseases in Singapore. The institute is unique because it is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on the discovery of new drugs for the treatment of neglected diseases, such as dengue fever and tuberculosis. Not only is this good business, it is also: A. mandated by Supreme Court rulings B. socially responsible C. not ethically motivated D. demonstrating a lack of concern for diversity E. using environmental marketing At the close of a federal civil trial, the court held in favor of the student loan provider for the full amount plus post-verdict interest at 8%. When the court clerk typed up the final order to send to all parties, she accidentally typed in 9% as the post-verdict interest rate. The law student did not notice the error until 14 months after the judgment was entered. She immediately filed a motion for relief from judgment based on a clerical mistake to correct the order to reflect the accurate interest rate. An electric car is designed to run off a bank of 14.0-V batteries with total energy storage of 3.00 × 10 7 J. If the electric motor draws 7 000 W, what current will be delivered to the motor? An environmental group at a local college is conducting independent tests to determine the distance a particular make of automobile will travel while consuming only 1 gallon of gas. They test a sample of five cars and obtain a mean of 28.2 miles. Assuming that the standard deviation is 2.7 miles, find the 95 percent confidence interval for the mean distance traveled by all such cars using 1 gallon of gas. The Hershey and Chase experiments involved the preparation of two different types of radioactively labeled phage. Which of the following best explains why two preparations were required? A. Establishing the identity of the genetic material required observation of two phage generations. B. The bacteriophage used in the experiments was a T2 phage. C. It was necessary that each of the two phage components, DNA and protein, be identifiable upon recovery at the end of the experiment. D. Each scientist had his own method for labeling phage, so each conducted the same experiment using a different isotope. An indifference curve must slope downward towards the right. is positively sloped. may be upsloping or downsloping, depending on whether the two products are complements or substitutes. is upsloping and is concave to the origin. The price of gold is often reported per ounce at the end of 2005 this price was 513 at the end of 2015 it was 1060 by what percentage did the price per ounce of gold increase You $5,000 in a simple interest bearing account. If the annual interest rate is 3.5% , what will your account balance be in 10 years if you do not make any additional deposits It is inspiring to see humans pushing the barriers of space exploration and creating successful solutions for it." What does the word barriers suggest about space exploration? A bag contains different colored candies. There are 50 candies in the bag, 28 are red, 10 are blue, 8 are green and 4 are yellow. What is the probability of choosing five pieces of candy and getting 3 blue and 2 green? Sin(A)=0.45 what is A? Need help writing a essay that is 750 to 2,500 words ​ _ 7. What disease does tuberculosis rival in rates? $1,500 at 7% compounded annually for 3 years Find the amount of interest. Pls hurry Which effect does specialization have on the overall economy? decrease in trade improved productivity higher unemployment fewer natural resources O $56.85 Question 3 (5 points) Betty deposited $4500 into a savings account for which interest is compounded monthly at a rate of 3.72%. How much interest will she earn after 5 years? $837.00 $918.34 O $5418.34 $9918.34 How galactose can cause blindness? What is not a reason for hitler becoming chancellor in 1933? A) Nazis increasing popularity and parliamentary elections in the early 1930’s B) Nazis securing a majority of parliamentary seats in the election of 1932 C)Hitler’s strong showing in the 1932 presidential election D)President Hindenburg having the power to appoint a Chancellor and cabinet that doesn’t necessarily represent a majority in parliament E)Hindenburg being coaxed into appointing Hitler chancellor in the hope that it would catalyze a stronger coalition in parliament What is 2x^3-18x^3/2x^2 ​